How to Create a Fall Movie Blockbuster – Infographic

By: Animation Mentor

CreateFallMovieBlockbuster Infogrpahic How to Create a Fall Movie Blockbuster   Infographic

Are you excited about all the amazing movies coming out this Fall?

We are too! In fact, we’re so excited that we combed the internet to discover a ton of great facts about what it takes to make a Fall blockbuster successful – from an analysis of the most popular color for movie posters to how many Twitter followers a typical VFX Supervisor has.

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  • anonymous

    wait, I’m not a 46 year old white male, so I’d never fit their formula for vfx supervisor; yet there’s hope, since this article contradicts itself massively by saying the winning formulaic protagonist must be a strong MALE lead….um….Hunger Games leads the blockbuster pack with a FEMALE LEAD? Way to go, girl power! You need to revamp your formula section.

    • Animation_Mentor

      Hey there! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Totally hear what you are saying and we’d strongly agree with more girl power in the blockbusters!