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  • The power to choose your track
    By: Animation Mentor

    learn animation online tutorials and tips

    You have many choices when it comes to your education. These choices are a good thing because you can customize your education on your journey to becoming a kick-ass animator.

    In 2005, three friends had the vision to create an alternative to brick and mortar, four-year university animation programs. They broke the traditional model and created the very first online animation school. In order to address the need for industry-trained artists, they paired students with industry professionals who would provide feedback just like they do in the studio.

    It was a revolutionary shift. It changed how animation was taught and who it was accessible to. It made animation education available to a much larger group of artists. Their vision opened the door for animation and visual effects to be taught online. Since the founding of Animation Mentor, a number of knock-off online animation schools have been created.

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  • The 3D Design & Model Tips You Need To Know
    By: Landis Fields


    Meet Hatch. Hatch is a badass. Yeah, we said it. Hatch was custom-made for Animation Mentor students by Industrial Light & Magic Digital Artist, Landis Fields, who developed him with VFX professionals Aaron Wilson and Jay Machado.

    Hatch is the newest member to the Animation Mentor lineup of awesome visual effects assets. Hatch is posable and ready for lighting students to render in our new Maya Workshop: CG Lighting and Compositing with Autodesk’s Mental Ray. But soon, Hatch will be ready for students in our VFX Fundamentals program to light and render him in Solid Angle’s Arnold. Wait, wait, there’s more! Down the line, a fully-rigged Hatch will be available for Creature Animation: Fight and Flight and other advanced animation classes.

    We brought Landis Fields to the blog to share his thought process behind Hatch and tips he has for designing an awesome asset. Huge thanks and props to Landis, Aaron and Jay for their incredible work bringing Hatch to life.

    -The Animation Mentor Crew

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  • Learn CG Lighting and Compositing
    By: Animation Mentor


    model asset for lighting robot rig

    Lighting and compositing can be a rather intimidating process to tackle. Lighting is what sets the mood of a scene. Rendering and compositing make the CG elements appear “real” within live action shots. Curriculum Director and VFX Pro, Ben Fischler, worked with some of the visual effects industry’s top talent to build a class that walks you step-by-step through lighting and compositing.

    Maya Workshop: CG Lighting and Compositing is a new, six-week workshop to teach you the basic CG lighting principles and the fundamentals of compositing using industry-standard tools. This workshop will provide beginners with the foundations they need to master more advanced visual effects concepts, tools and techniques. Check out the week-by-week breakdown of the workshop to see what you’ll learn.

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  • Meet Squirrels! Free Animation Rig
    By: Animation Mentor


    squirrel rig free animation character

    Meet Squirrels! One more time … SQUIRRELS! Squirrels is our second FREE animation rig available to the public. After the release of Stewart, you told us you were looking for a more basic-level rig. We designed Squirrels based on your input and suggestions. A team of professionals built an incredible character rig for beginner-level animators. The easy-to-use Autodesk Maya® controls enable animators to focus on essential principles like squash and stretch, appeal, and overlapping action. Squirrels is the rig that will showcase your mastery of the principles while still adding unique personality to your demo reel.

    Squirrels is ready for you to animate, today! A free, professional-quality animation rig built just for you, go ahead, download the rig.

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