3 New Game Changer Workshops for Animators – Limited Time Only


New Animation Mentor Workshops

Brush up Your Demo Reel with New Techniques from these Pros!

Looking for a new job? Need to build a specific skill to progress your animation career? We’ve got three amazing opportunities for you to sharpen your animation chops. These workshops are only being offered for two-sessions and then they are gone. So don’t think about it too much, jump on in!

– The Animation Mentor Crew

  1. Exploring the World of Story – Mentor Mike Kunkel
  2. Learn to tell your story from Mike Kunkel, Story Artist, Herobear and the Kid, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network

    Mike Kunkel Story 2

    Pixar’s long standing motto is that “Story is king.” A great story resonates with an audience no matter what medium it is in. From comic books to TV,and feature film, there are so many stories left to tell.

    Now it’s time to tell yours.

    This 6 week workshop will help you understand foundation techniques for staging, clarity, emotion and other fundamental principles for telling stories visually. This will be done by studying film and TV examples and breaking down what works and why. Then through weekly assignments you will storyboard situational story moments. And ultimately, you will create a simple short story and board it to completion. Weekly story assignments will be submitted in the form of animatic sequences and image files.

    Mike Kunkel Story

    All levels of drawing skill are welcome.

    Price: $899
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Session 1: Aug 10 – Sept 18, 2015
    Session 2: Sept 28 – Nov 6, 2015

  3. Animation Feedback – Mentor Bobby Pontillas
  4. Improve your demo reel and get feedback from Bobby Pontillas, Disney Animator, Big Hero 6, Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph

    Bobby’s breakdown shot in Frozen

    Here’s your chance to get direct feedback on your work twice a week for 6 weeks from a seasoned Disney animator who has worked on some of the most exciting films in the last decade. You will meet with Bobby twice a week for live, recorded feedback sessions. Bring shots you are currently working on, or have already completed to get the feedback you need to help take your work to the next level.

    If you cannot attend your live session and have submitted work you WILL receive recorded video feedback.

    All levels of skill are welcome.

    Price: $899
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Session 1: Aug 10 – Sept 18, 2015
    Session 2: Sept 28 – Nov 6, 2015

  5. Cartoony Animation for 3D Animators – Mentor Mark Oftedal
  6. Create compelling animation shots with Mark Oftedal, Chief Creative Officer – Digital Fish, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc

    Mark Oftedal 2D Workshop

    In this 6 week workshop you will expand your visual vocabulary and give yourself the tools you need to gain competence in the animation medium as well as improve your ability to pose, plan, experiment and learn.

    You begin with hand-drawn master studies of great animation, which will teach you cartoony tricks that are most efficiently absorbed via drawing. Once the juices are flowing, you will explore shape change and flexibility in a series of quick mini-lessons. Finally, you will create a simple cartoony animation following the traditional workflow, and when done re-create that animation, and workflow on a 3D character.

    Mark Oftedal 2D Workshop 2

    All levels of drawing skill are welcome.

    Price: $899
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Session 1: Aug 10 – Sept 18, 2015
    Session 2: Sept 28 – Nov 6, 2015


  1. The workshops are priced as is because they offer the full Animation Mentor experience- live Q&As, access to kick ass mentors, peers and colleagues in addition to the campus. Each professional mentor takes time out of their day to offer studio level, quality critiques to take your work to the next level. You see a significant change in your work week by week.
    Yes, these days you can find anything on the internet, but having the guidance and support of a community helps hammer home the intricate concepts we learn in animation. For me, learning Maya via Digital Tutors and YouTube helped, but was nearly not as helpful as having the instruction from a qualified mentor who has industry experience.

      • Hi Lindsey,
        In the workshops, the students do not have access to the Animation Mentor rigs. However, our alumns have ongoing, lifelong access to all character rigs from all classes. You are more than welcomed to bring in these acquired rigs to whatever workshop you are interested in. Additionally, returning students who are still on track to complete the program also have access to character rigs up till the class they have taken.
        These workshops are really interesting in that they’re meant to expand your visual vocabulary,teach you tricks (depending on what class you take) and give you the added tools to enhance your animation hand. In terms of the usage of rigs in the workshops, the concepts are not as mechanical in comparison to the character animation program.
        Hope this helps. What class are you thinking about potentially taking?

  2. Is there a chance that these will be offered again in the near future?
    Right now I don’t have the money to take these workshops but I want to very badly. Please let me know! Thanks.

    • We will be looking into that. It will be contingent on the popularity of the workshops – but go ahead and add your info to the wait list on the registration pages so we can notify you if and when the workshops will be offered again! Woot!


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