VFX or Not?

By: Animation Mentor

  • Snipe

    Impressive, but his skin still has a very plastic feel. Also, the polygons in his hoodie give it away.

  • Shane

    Fake but very good work.

  • Arch

    Wow, 95% of people called VFX. I’m impressed with people’s eyes.

  • Animation_Mentor

    Hey guys! Thanks for the comments!

    Just wanted to remind everyone that next week we’ll reveal the artist, his other work, and the correct answer.

    If you have other images you’d like to see us use in the VFX poll series – send them to events@animationmentor.com

  • danielsangeo

    Looks great, but the first thing and most glaring thing that made me vote for VFX is the eyes. The texture used on the eyes feels pretty low-res to me. Love the SSS on his left ear (camera right), though!