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Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2015

Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2015

We are so excited to introduce this year’s much anticipated Student Showcase for the world to see! 29 students from 14 different countries worked so hard during the year and impressed us with the quality of acting, body mechanics, and entertainment value we are about to see.

So without further ado, clap your hands, hoot, and holler to the students featured in this video compilation of the best student work of the year. Be inspired and join us in congratulating the work created by these students!

– The Animation Mentor Crew

About Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor is an online school dedicated to teach passionate artists to become animators. The character animation program consists of six 12 week classes and is tailored to teach both beginners and advanced animators, mentored by working professional animators from various studios. Founded by three professional animators originally from Pixar Animation Studios, and Industrial Light & Magic, Animation Mentor was created to help anyone in the world achieve their dream to tell their own story through the world of animation.

Now it’s time to tell yours.


    • to hold the hand position, so you dont have to counter animate the hand if its doing something like leaning on a desk or swinging from a tree

  1. feedback. get ready. ready? ok, here we go. a lot of these are a bit awkward and overdone. aka: not natural. I think exaggerating too much, all the time, not just the areas that make sense to be exaggerated… is not ok. lots of animators do it because broad, exaggerated animation is way easier than natural movement. you don’t have to understand the details of movement and the weight doesn’t have to be correct. and a lot of people like that kind of stuff and don’t worry too much about it. but you wouldn’t see something like that in high quality feature animation. I think quality animation requires understanding the details of movement and being accurate, producing a natural performance that has the right amount of exaggeration and contrast, not less, not more, and motivated gestures that make sense in context. for example gesticulating a lot just because you don’t know what to do with your hands is not something you’d expect to see in a film, in a believable acting performance. yet animators love to do it. : P some bits and pieces here and there were pretty good though : ) and some were quite funny!

    • The entitlement felt in your opinion was a bit unnatural and exaggerated in my opinion. It also may come from a place of knowing a bit to much and not being able to have fun. I disagree with you because if everyone felt that way then we would get boring art that’s mechanical, done by the books and less risky.. For me its quite easier to get natural motion. It takes talent to understand exaggeration and how to apply it in animation. Takes years of practice to really get right! These guys are at least making efforts to try it, even if it might be cliche to you. Let these people enjoy what they are learning. There is plenty of time to do realistic stuff thru out their career. They already have mentors from big studios. If you feel like they are doing it wrong then you should go be a mentor.. Then you wont feel the need critique highly trained professionals. Then, maybe your words will will have a bit more weight and influence. Hope I’m not being to harsh. But to me it’s a bit silly to critique on here unless people are asking for it.

    • Sry for the bad English ,First the good News
      Stelios Stamatiadis —— Best Animation I have ever seen as a Acting choice ,to make People laugh in 15 or less dude Priceless Keep it going .
      Now the bad one.
      The Level did get Lower this time , with maybe 60 percent of the work ,a lots of unnatural movement in really small moments but still noticeable. I will not address all of them .So here we go
      and one last Thing before I begin ,If you are not agree with me pls share your thoughts .
      Maybe I got it all wrong .
      1. The Video with the pistols .How much Attention did you pay on Trajectory .
      2. Keite Walheim Overall the Timing is a bit off ,it could be Personal choice but on 00:52-00:53 ,It is like the Gaint is Aiming with his fist for a enemy who stands 10 feets infront of him and not next to him,the head was loooking at the horizon . Great Job ,but pay Attention on stuff like this
      3.Daniel Rodrigues I do not know what did you change , but on YouTube was more Life like .
      And as I said there are more mistakes in the other short Videos but they are tiny and ok for Junior Animator .
      I guess .
      Personally for me ,for this amount of money , mistakes should be addressed ,from the teachers before, Animation Mentor Publishing them for Internet . I doubt that they won’t see them ,while giving thoughts on students work .
      Have a nice one .

  2. Such a fantastic job by all who were chosen! These inspire me to dream even bigger and keep saving up to attend this school! Thank you all for giving it your everything. It shows!! *clapping and giggling*


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