New: Creature Animation Videos on Demand

By: Animation Mentor

CreatureProduction OnDemand New: Creature Animation Videos on Demand

Ever wish you could learn creature animation wherever and whenever you like? Now with Creature Animation on Demand — you can do just that … and for only $50 per lecture.

It starts with everything great about our Creature Animation Program — including professional animators from top studios detailing their tips, workflow techniques, and industry insights:

    Shawn Kelly | Lead Animator | Industrial Light & Magic
    Will Groebe | Animation Supervisor | Tippett Studio
    Jim Brown | Animation Supervisor | Tippett Studio

Best of all, with Creature Animation on Demand, you can purchase lectures from our program for only $50 per lecture and:

  • Access the lectures on your mobile device and watch when you want.
  • Select the lectures and topics you want (your choice).
  • Enjoy in-depth lectures in high-definition.
  • Get a taste of the Animation Mentor experience.

It’s time to go on demand.

See you soon.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

  • JC

    There is a tangent on the Dragon’s SL leg and Tail :)

  • Bobby Beck

    JC you are right! More silhouette!!! :)

    • JC

      learnt from the best – AM Alumni! :)