New animation book: Win it now

By: Animation Mentor

Animation Andrew Selby New animation book: Win it now

The Animation Mentor crew always wants you to get a head start on your animation learning — and here’s your chance to win an early release of Animation by Andrew Selby.

We are excited to join forces with Laurence King Publishing — a leading publisher of books on the creative arts and friend of Animation Mentor — to bring you this latest-not-even-available book. Mr. Selby is an award-winning illustrator and Programme Leader for the Visual Communication disciplines at Loughborough University in England. His latest work, Animation, provides a great animation resource for students.

Win an Early Release … and Enjoy a Special Discount
For a chance to win an early release of Animation, simply comment below with why you want to be an animator by Friday, May 3. We’ll select the best answer and notify the winner by email.

In addition, Laurence King Publishing has kindly offered Animation Mentor students a special 35% discount on their complete catalog. Simply register for a Student Account at checkout.

Apply Early, Too
Since you want to get a head start on your animation learning, be sure to apply early to Animation Basics. This course begins your journey to learning the foundations of animation.

By applying early, you help ensure your choice of class times — along with your choice of industry professional mentors from top studios such as Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Weta Digital, Industrial Light & Magic, and more. Hurry: The application period for the Summer 2013 term closes on Friday, May 10.

Good luck and see you in the Studio School.

— The Animation Mentor Crew

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Thank you for all your great submissions, we will contact the winner directly.

  • Lindsay Talbot

    I want to be an animator because…isn’t that obvious? They have the best toys are their desks :)

  • Felipe Esquivel Reed

    I’m already an animator (AM alumni), but I’m always learning and being amazed by how much I can discover just watching the world.

  • Danny

    To breath life into the inanimate and entertain.

  • muizz salleh

    i want to be an animator because.. it will be awesome to share my idea with others and inspire them for life with my animation ;)

  • Karen Wilson Ingram

    I want to be an animator because its fun!

  • Carlo Ney

    I want to be an animator because all my school textbooks has stick figures running from page 1 to the very end =D

  • David Avila Trivelli

    i want to be an animator, because i could do what i want in character mode, can you imagine?

  • Livia

    I am a interior designer trying to switch to doing concept art and good resource books are always handy to have. I would love to have the book to study. Thank you. I included samples of artwork so you can get sense for my interest in animation and stylized work.

  • Kosta Dracopoulos

    I want to be (a better) animator to one day instill the same feelings of wonder, excitement and entertainment in children that I felt as I child watching my favorite animated/vfx films.

  • Adam Taylor Wildeman

    I’ve always wanted to be an animator every since I was about four years old and spending the weekends with my grandma, watching the early Saturday morning cartoons by WB and Disney I was hooked and could never get enough or animated cartoons, now a computer animator and looking for work.

  • Rami Kasim

    I want to be an animator because I want to breathe life into characters! And who wouldn’t want to get a new challenge with every scene!

  • Veronica Beller

    I want to be an animator because I want to inspire the world the same way the likes of Pixar and Disney inspired me as a young, wide-eyed child.

  • Daniel McGuire

    I want to be an animator so that I can share my creativity and my thoughts in the most fun and beautiful medium possible, which is obviously Animation. I want to inspire, motivate and captivate people with my animations and that book looks awesome too!

  • Mustafa Alqaragholy

    I want to be an animator because the only limitation is your imagination !

  • Francisco

    I want to be an animator because I want next generation kids to enjoy their childhood like I did giving them a piece of me with the animation, with a message of hope and dreams. To make them know that if you really believe in something, you have everything to do it.

  • Veronica F. Pancake

    I want to be an animator because I love the art of story telling, and I love the beauty and boundlessness of the creative field of animation! <3 ^_^

  • Rodrigo Costa

    I want to be an animator because there’s nothing better in life than seeing how people react to and feel empathy by something that you created from scratch. That moment when that character is not a moving puppet/drawing/model, but it’s something with real life and thoughts and feelings. Having someone believing in something that you created like that, that’s the gold and that’s what I want to achieve, and that’s why I want to be an animator.

  • Carlos Alpizar

    I want to be an animator, because I don’t want to pass trough this world, and just be one human more. I want to give something to this world, a reason to believe, a reason to keep going, even if everything around says no, If I made my dream come true, so can they.

  • Megan Andrews

    I want to be an animator because movement fascinates me. Not only am I captivated by the ways in which bodies can move, but the movements of objects and nature enthrall me as well.

  • Joseph O Brien

    I want Animation Mentor to develop and help me grow me into an animator so that i may project joyful inspiring characters into the living rooms of imaginative kids all around the world, which gives them childhoods to remember and dreams to believe in.

  • Farid Mahmoodi

    Animator gives life to character…Yes…Animation is the art of being God… I want to be God!

  • Augustas Liiv

    Because I have some awesome stories that can be told only by animating!

  • Edouard Lepape

    I want to be an animator because I want to learn how to transmit my feelings to the audience, I want to see my character come to life, I want to see my character move the way I move, the way I feel! I want to be one of the very best animator!

  • Dan Rossati

    Already an animator but… Because it’s a way of life not just a job title, it affects the way you see the world. If everyone learnt to animate you wouldn’t have wars because no one would want to destroy anything.

  • Lilliana Quintana

    Animation can be absurd; you can create whole worlds that don’t exist. I strive to be a part of that paradox. I find it whimsical.

  • Mathias

    I like to move it move it!

  • Cherisse Brewster

    I’ve always been intrigued with drawing from young, but when I was first introduced to animation the thought that I can bring life to my characters, to create a whole other world where I can let my ideas loose, the fluidity of every movement, gestures, emotions, something that can touch the hearts of many. I guess thats why I want to be an animator and learn as much as I can if possible, to perfect my skills so I can create even better quality animation.

  • Left Blue

    You wake up one morning in winter and you feel sleepy. The next thing you want is a hot drink and your computer. You Open up the last saved scene to pick up from where you left it last night and it feels so good to keep working on what you love. During the day you “play” with your character (rigs) making funny positions and dialogues. You make friendships with the characters and fell in love with them. It’s a personal relationship.

  • Anderson Carman

    I want to be an animator… because I want to entertain… myself. Seriously! If I can get paid to walk funny and make faces at myself in a mirror Im all for it!

  • Jorge Gonzalez

    Animation has always brought joy and wonder into my life. I want to become an animator so I can spread that joy to others and inspire them to embrace their childhood sense of wonder and perceive the world around them in a different light.

  • Ambika L

    I want to be an animator to be able to move people with stories, to give them an experience, and have them leave theaters a different person. It’s for them!

  • Alina Suzeth

    I want to be an animator because it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m working on it!!! Dedication and practice. I fell in love with the work of these brilliant minds like Will Hanna, Walt Disney, John Lasseter and Tex Avery. And when Toy Story 1 came out, it blew my mind. It’s unbelievable how an animated film can get you to laugh, cry and keep you at the edge of your seat. It’s whole purpose is to keep you entertained and they do a fantastic job at it. It is something that till today makes me feel like a kid again. It make me happy…the more you act like a kid, the better your life will be. I will be part of the animation crew in an animated film, that one day will win OSCARS. Yes Sir!

  • Erika Liveta

    I can say that I am a frustrated Animator. When I was a kid I always enjoy watching those “how to draw” or “in the making” of certain characters in a series or a movie. I love to know how animators work but didn’t have the training for it. If I win this book, It will be a great start of being an animator. :)

  • Paul Medina

    I want to be an animator because I love telling stories in a creative way, and to give life to the characters in them.

  • Ryan Maesen

    I want to be an animator. I want to work long hours. I want to get so lost in my work that I forget to eat and exercise. I want my job to consume my life. I hope my friends will check in on me from time to time to make sure I’m alive. And, I want Andrew Selby’s book to inspire me and guide my animations to live up to the life I put into them.
    -Thank you.

  • PedoRobin

    I want to be an animator because it has the sastifaction of when you release your final shot the happiness you would see on people’s faces when they saw your shot

  • Siladitya Sikder

    I wanna be an animator because its a fun and interesting to bring life to superb and funny models and the cool way to entertain the audience esp the children .

  • Shelby Drake

    To create something and bring life to it. And it can have any type of life possible.

  • Mack Bo Ross

    My love of art was passed down to me from my grandfather, who was also an artist. He has been the greatest influence in my life to pursue my love of art and expression. Ever since I was little and started drawing my own cartoons, and watching Bugs Bunny, I knew what I wanted to be. I want to be an animator so that I to can share my experience and passion with the world, and also inspire young boys and girls to become artists.

  • Cody Childress

    I want to be an animator because I love life (and don’t want to die).

  • Laurence Kit de Castro

    ..because when I’m animating, I feel like I’m home.

  • Matt Johnson

    I do not want to be an animator. I was born one.

  • Camila Ferreira

    I want to be an animator because not only do I get to draw and follow my passion for art, but I am also able to convey strong messages and stories to the public. I want to create films that develop strong emotions for the viewer, bringing them to also develop a passion for animation. I would also love to make Animation more well known and liked by adults, as there are still many out there who believe that Animated films are only meant for children. Overall, I just want to do what I love to do and be able to make others understand why I love it so much through my work!

  • Miwa Lee

    I want to be an animator because there are things I want to say and stories I want to tell that can’t expressed in only words and still pictures. I want people to experience the intense emotions that can only be provoked by animation. Also, I want to be apart of something that people will be nostalgic for one day. Sort of cheesy, but that is why I want to be an animator.

    • Miwa Lee

      Oops **can’t be expressed

  • Casper

    Because a little while back, this old guy, face like a pug stopped me in the street,grabbed the lapels of my plaid jacket and bringing his face so close to mine I recoiled at his breath he whispered ‘You look like an animator to me! Do it,do it or die’ :)

  • Sonu K

    I want to be the best animator because it feels really good when you give life to inanimate objects.I feel like god.

  • Thomas Seery

    I want to be an animator so I can stay young forever.

  • Sheena Sharma

    I admire animators because they get to tell stories every day!

  • John Lee

    Animator is more than just a job title, and being that doesn’t only give me the satisfaction to enjoy looking at people’s happy faces after watching animation, but also makes my dream kind of come true. So many ways to convert a dead model to be alive and give him/her a personality. For some people, life will be boring if without enjoying animation. I may be the one. The one with a character he likes standing in front of his face, performs a wonderful show to the world, like a torch in the wilderness, opens a new world for kids, men and women, everyone.

  • David Yañez

    Awesomeness is a tempting path to follow, but achieving it, is no easy task. Struggling across to get there guarantees you knowledge, experience, and a lot of fun along the ride. So why not be an animator? Why not become a happy zombie? If in return, you can experience some awesomeness and bring life and creativity together.

  • Steve

    I just want the book!

  • Michelle Vergel De Dios

    I studied animation with my best friend but I wasn’t good enough. Now he’s still studying it and it’s all he’s ever dreamed of. I’d like to give him this book as a birthday gift. Animation was his childhood dream and he’s working so hard to be the best that he can be in this field.

  • WOA247

    Animation has become my new passion…. till death do us part. o_0

  • jo raithby

    Because I want to see the crazy characters bouncing around inside my head bouncing around on the screen!

  • Jason Joshua Chen

    I make imaginary friends come to live and play with me.

  • Max

    Late to the game (of animation) but always knew I had it since my 8th grade teacher said I did

  • Arun

    coolest job EVER!! :)

  • Sunny Sharma

    I am already an Animator and why i am one because every animator is really an actor who performs and lives the character per drawing/frame at a time in slow motion and that’s the beauty of this profession. I would love to study @ AM to gain more knowledge and experience that’s why keeping my eyes on the loan section because right now in India they are not offering Loan services. Hope they’ll provide the services soon :)

  • Michelle Motato

    I want to be an animator, because since I was 5 years old i fell in love with stopmotion, and as I grew up I knew different types of animation… but mostly for me is the abilitly to bring life to a little piece of paper, a character or an idea, share it to the world, be able to give hope, entretain and at the same time be able to make storytelling as a way of a catalyst for myself and for many others, so drawings and stories will become my way of comunicating with people, I want this to be my job, it is my passion, and besides In my country there’s no academic education/training in animation so I went to the closest career which was graphic design, but I want to make stories come alive the rest of my life

  • Benjamin Vukovic

    want to be an animator because I want to bring to the others what I’ve
    experienced many, many times watching hundreds of animated films. I’d be more than happy if my animations would make people laugh, make them cry, to connect with my characters and with them live trough the situations. Unfortunately, currently I am not at that level, but this book could help me with this, so it would be nice to read and learn new important things.

    p.s. thnx in advance :)

  • Jose O. Cuevas Jr.

    I want to be an Animator because I need to get these things out of my head……

  • Winston

    i want to be an animator because i want to inspire others out there in the world and see the beauty in art.

  • Igor

    just want to make kids happy and make them laugh. It is the best feeling when you give them this sence of happy fairy-tale.

  • Tommy Hansen

    My dream of being an animator started when i saw Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote as a kid.
    All through my childhood i dreamed of being able to make my drawings move like they did on tv.

    But as i grew up it slowly dawned on me that ppl dont become animators, they become chefs, accountants, truck drivers and so on. So… i became a carpenter…. and hated my job…! after some years of building houses and doing carpentry work i decided to change what i was doing, i was miserable! So i started as a waiter in a restaurant and gradually worked my way up to restaurant manager over a couple of years. Still this was not it for me, i had a good job, made good money but was not happy with my career. So this is where i am to day, I’m 30 years of age, girlfriend, child, apartment, the normal life! After seeing a ad for animation mentor online a spark kindled deep in my mind a found my love for animation again! with this new revelation i have now quit my job (HUGE gamble) and decided to take my savings and apply for animation mentor (after i get a TINY bit more experience in maya)! “note: It’s REALLY hard to throw away a safe and reliable job/life to take a gamble like this when u have kids and loans and so on!” My fiancee supports me all the way and i am more exited then i ever have been before! – Finally i’m learning animation!!

    So, i have maya and i’m trying to figure out how to animate and this book i feel would really help me along immensely!

    Thanks! :)

  • Chris G. Athanasopoulos

    I chose to be an animator because it gives me the best possible reason to protect the child in me.

  • Alistair Grant

    I am an animator…It is in my heart and mind…i think about it day and night! Lost and Found(the cover of the book) is probably one of my favorites! It has all the story and emotion any animation could dream of! I want this book because I want to strive to make animations that are in the same class as that masterpiece! I am currently working on my own personal short and I truly believe that book can help me take my animation and story telling to the next level!

  • weronika rajszys

    I’d like to be an animator because I think animation is the greatest form of expression, animated films combining so many wonderful forms of art: writing/storytelling, acting, music, drawing, design (of the characters and the whole worlds) and photography among others!

  • Parker Lai

    I do love Character Animation, because it is the exact art form which could reflect my perspective of life completely. I consider it as my lifetime pursuit.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    I want to be an animator because, even though it’s hard and time consuming work, the feeling of completing a shot is more fulfilling than anything else I’ve ever done.

  • Andy Wai Kit

    I want to be an animator because i want to make and create something which doesn’t exist. I want to build a world filled with creativity and the impossibles which is able to open up everyone’s mind and bring hope to them , even if it takes me forever to bring out their purest mind for just a short amount of time would satisfy.

  • Donnie G. Williams

    It’s an easy answer …. I love animation ! I love having the skills to bring a character to life .. and even more … I love to see the reaction of people when the view my animation … bye for now .. I’m off to animated my next character !

  • eze

    because that’s what I love

  • Katie Yancey

    I want to be an animator to instill a sense of wonder in the next generation. Animation is, after all, an illusion. Your brain pieces together separate images to give an inanimate object life, so convincingly that we grow attached and build a relationship with these characters. Anything is possible in an animated story. That surrealist quality has always appealed to my inner child. And I love that no matter how simple, or detailed, the style animation moves you to feel something. It can be interpretative, or spelled out, deep commentary, or just joys of life, but we always gain something from it, and I want to be able to make people feel something through my animation.

  • Anastasia

    Doctors bring new lives into the world and save existing lives, psychologists study the human mind and how to improve it, architects have designed the world we live in, and scientists have been studying and analyzing the fascinating world around us for centuries, animators do all these things. An animator is someone who brings life to something that exists in the realms of the imagination (and has the power to kill and resurrect the creation in often very humorous ways). They can develop the psychological aspects of the characters through nothing more than a few simply movements and gestures, they can build the internal and external world of the characters through actions and emotions, and can choose which laws of science to obey, bend or break. Animators are not bound by reality and have the ability to give life to something or someone that might not or cannot even exist in reality (I’d totally high-five Bugs Bunny if he was real). Animators can share the realities of their minds and the realities of their characters with a real world audience that, if done right, communicates in a way that extends beyond any other form of medium. In other words, I want to be an animator because I want to bring imaginations to life.

  • Tom Latvys

    I grew up on animation, and have never stopped loving everything about it. I love storytelling, and animation is very liberating in the sense that you can make anything happen that you can imagine. It’s what keeps us young. Also, bringing life to characters is an amazing feeling that is unbeatable.

  • Kevin Woo

    Still graphic is awesome, motion graphic is freaking awesome.

  • Lucy Zelazowski

    A friend of mine has a very talented son. He is very creative in his art work. I believe this could definitely help in his future. Its gonna to be bright one, he is only 16, I love to win it for him!

  • Spencer Barber

    I am studying to become an animator because animation is the one subject that I am never bored with. Even when I get stuck, for some reason I have more motivation to search for solutions to problems when it deals with animation than any other subject. There are always new and exciting things to learn, and I get a thrill every time. My wife probably thinks I’m crazy because of how excited I get when I learn something new.. Also, almost everything that I do with my spare time is in some way related to entertaining. I love to see people laugh and smile, and I love to be creative, so besides being obsessed with it..animation feels like a perfect balance of the things that I love.

    So, basically I want to do something I love for the rest of my life.

    …and I’m not going to lie…I get a kick every time I see my name in the credits:)

  • Alberto Martínez

    Because of the tons of money they earn of course!!!… What?… No much money?!? Ouch!

  • Kristina Amaloo

    I want to be an animator because there are other worlds than these, and I want to go there.
    Animation is hard work, but it’s work you can love. I love it already. :)

  • Animation_Mentor

    Thanks for all your great submission! We’re so inspired! We’ll select a winner and contact them directly.