How To Overcome A Creative Block [VIDEO]

By: Animation Mentor

Your eyes glaze over. You begin to stare into space. You check your instagram feed. You decide it is time to organize your music. You clean out your email inbox. You procrastinate. Until, you realize, “Well, shoot, I’ve hit a creative block” (perhaps you use alternative words).

As artists, it is inevitable to encounter creative challenges. It is how you overcome them that can make the process so rewarding. The process drastically varies from artist to artist, yet one commonality exists — you can appreciate another person’s method for working through them.

As an online animation school, Animation Mentor, brings together artists from over 80 countries around the world. We sat down with a handful of students and alumni to ask them one question, “How do you work through creative blocks?”

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  • BrimToss

    This came at a great time for me, thanks for sharing! :)

  • Lanimate

    I don’t think the video does much to answer the question. Just say,”Step away for a bit.” or “Start from the beginning” or Explode your idea…” My way of working through creative blocks is to do thumbnails – (visual research) to break through blocks. Thanks.

  • LaDonna

    I always appreciate that there are professionals who share their own ways of overcoming creative block, but I think that circumstances are always so relative that there is no one method. Generally, for me, I get creative block when I’m just feeling burnt out. That’s when I take a step back from work in general and do something mindless or playful. Knitting or playing with my cat or doing mind puzzles helps me quite a bit.

  • shoeb_mohammad

    I just pace in circle around my dining table ^.^


  • Stephen James Davidson

    If you have a creative block just go and sit on the toilet for a few hours until it is relived with an epiphany :D

  • zhubin

    I am not skilled enough to comment on this but I have noticed that every time I think about the action for some time before I sit down and try to do it, it turns out better. The down side is that it takes longer to produce the work.

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