Hair & fur advances in special effects [Infographic]


Hair and Fur Advances in Special Effects

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Creating realistic hair and fur has been one of the major special effects challenges in top blockbuster films like Brave, The Hobbit, and games like Tomb Raider. Take a look at some of the innovations to see how far the technology has come in just 12 short years.

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  1. Thats why when i look at a 3D animated movie, i’m always astonished by all the work it takes and all the efforts the artists put for maybe something people will never noticed…. Next time people: Pay Attention !

    • I think that probably many computers would render different parts of the movie at the same time reducing drammatically the total time required.

      • “each frame took 29 hours on Pixars render farm” it says under it :-/
        A renderfarm is already lots of computers.
        I guess they could have many renderfarms though. Like, 100 renderfarms.

        • Those films are usually split across multiple farms. Frames get worked on simultaneously. For example Puss in boots took a whole of 60 Million hours to render.


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