Gorillas, chimpanzees, and sumo wrestlers make for fantastic reference

By: Animation Mentor

Haokun Liang is a graduate of both our Character Animation Program and Animals & Creatures: Master Class. He remembers the emphasis and importance of reference from his early Animation Mentor classes … and he brought that passion for reference to the Master Class.

Haokun also found that tapping into his imagination served as a great complement to his research. How else do you explain a sumo wrestler finding his way into Haokun’s animation?

Of course, research and inspiration only tell part of the story. Haokun integrated the principles of spacing and weight — and worked closely with his mentor — to accurately depict the qualities of aggressiveness and power.

Best of all, Haokun resources the lessons learned in the Animation Mentor curriculum in his professional work.
Thank you, Haokun, for inspiring all of us. Be sure to check out his story and amazing work.
— The Animation Mentor Crew