Animation Tutorial by Games of Thrones Pro

By: Sheena Sharma

Mentor Nicole Herr1 Animation Tutorial by Games of Thrones Pro

You know we’ve updated our Creature Animation courses just for you. You are a working professional. You want early morning and evening class times. You want optional assignments and no grades. You want to focus on animating.

Most of all, you want to learn from the best animators in the industry. Nicole Herr is a longtime Animation Mentor instructor, and she’s worked on films like Iron Man 2, and on the dragons from HBO’s critically-acclaimed hit series Game of Thrones.

Nicole is mentoring this Spring 2014 term for both Creature Animation: Locomotion and Creature Animation: Fight or Flight, and seats in her classes are selling out. Nicole is a top mentor at one of the top animation schools (ours), but don’t just take our word for it.

Her students can’t say enough about her mentorship:

    “Nicole is a wealth of knowledge. She is friendly and her classes are always informative and entertaining. I really like the way she does e-critiques, she is tough but fair and as a result it pushes me to work harder.”

    “Nicole is very specific in her critiques. I find it much more educational when someone can really nit pick my work and tell me how to push it farther.”

    “Nicole is very friendly and talkative. Gets very excited and emotional during q&a sessions with anything that has to do with animation – it is easy to see she loves what she does.”

In addition to mentoring students each week, she also provided the content for the Creature Animation: Fight or Flight polishing lecture. In the extended animation tutorial video below, learn the best workflow tips on how to polish your creature animation shot.

Watch this video to get top polishing tips from Nicole:

  • Learn how to create a “hit list” of every area of your shot that needs more attention
  • Check your penetrations & make sure you are considerate to your partners further down the pipeline
  • Don’t forget to “hit” your major character notes
  • Address any major technical issues
  • Why you should look at your shot “from all angles”
  • Get counter-intuitive advice on why you shouldn’t lock your timing until your shot is final
  • Add critical “dirt” to your shot to make your character as believable as possible

Creature Tips Animation Tutorial by Games of Thrones Pro
Be sure look at your shot from all angles to examine your penetrations, and balance them as necessary.
Here, as the dragon is resting on the ground plane, one foot is penetrating more deeply than the other.

There are still a few seats available for Nicole’s sections, and we won’t be opening more. Don’t miss your chance to learn from senior character animator and Game of Thrones dragon-wrangler Nicole Herr next term: REGISTER HERE.

  • Pepe

    I actually had the pleasure of working with Nicole on a few shows, and she taught me everything from flight mechanics of birds to efficient camera work. That goes to show you that she not only has a wealth of animation knowledge but shes constantly testing and pushing the tools that help us tell stories. I wish I had more time to work with her and soak up some more animation knowledge.

    • Animation_Mentor

      So so awesome to hear! Thank you for your feedback and glad you learned so much from Nicole.

  • Sara

    I went to some Q&A sessions with Nicole for extra help when I took Animals & Creatures a couple of years ago. She’s an amazing teacher!

    • Animation_Mentor

      That’s awesome, Sara! What are you up to now? Animating?

  • Anders Sundstedt

    Another useful tutorial, need to be doing more 3D work soon. Thanks.

    • Animation_Mentor

      Glad you like it, Anders! Any other tutorials you’d like to see on our blog?

      • Anders Sundstedt

        Well personally I am very much into 2D animation so anything in 2D and puppet animation would always be interesting (digitial) even if your blog is mainly 3D?

        • Animation_Mentor

          Because we teach 3D animation, we are pretty focused on 3D. But we do have guest bloggers drop by the blog from time to time. I’ll keep an eye out for a 2D animator who may share some advice here. Thanks, Anders!

  • christopher

    This is so awesome! :) If i could ever request a tutorial, it’d be a sort of animation tutorial for stewart. i’m getting the hang of squirrels because of the simplicity, but stewart is so daunting! :)